The Yippee Daisy Journey


    Happiness is meant to be shared. Smiles should be tossed around like confetti. Laughter should burst like a piñata. Big and small joys should be like glitter, shiny and super sticky.

    Basically, we live for parties. We need no reason to celebrate because life is reason enough. If we could, we would throw parties a party. Until we figure out that little trick, we're on a mission to help countless folks like you have the parties of their dreams with one-of-a-kind goods and accessories.

    A Beacon of Light: The Yippee Daisy Journey

    Our Journey Begins Yippee Daisy isn't just a brand—it's the embodiment of resilience, creativity, and the power of family unity. Our inception was rooted in overcoming personal adversity, inspired by the spirit of Daisy, a beloved family dog, and driven by Meredith's artistic talent, despite her challenges with severe light sensitivity.

    Inspiration and Transformation Our brand name, Yippee Daisy, pays tribute to Daisy's unwavering support during our most challenging times and signifies the joy we aim to bring into every home. Meredith's condition reshaped our lives, but it also opened our eyes to new possibilities, showing us that creativity knows no bounds.

    Growth Through Unity Josh, Meredith's brother, joined our mission, bringing with him a wave of innovation and determination. His contributions have been transformative, allowing Yippee Daisy to grow and reach new heights. Together, we've proven that family, when united by a common goal, can achieve extraordinary things.

    Our Mission Today, Yippee Daisy stands as a testament to overcoming obstacles through love, creativity, and perseverance. Our products are more than just decorations; they're symbols of hope, resilience, and the beauty of redefining one's path.

    Join Our Journey

    We invite you to explore the creations that have been born from our journey, each with a story of overcoming and transformation. Join the Yippee Daisy family, and let's spread joy and inspiration together.

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