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    40 Af Balloons

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    Make a statement and Say It Big with 'YIPPEE DAISY letter balloons. Showcase them above treat tables, use for a photo booth, or spell your signature drink, these balloons help keep everything in sync. At the center of the party, letter balloons will set your vibe and are sure to have your guests filled with party hype! Remember to Keep it Happy and Say It Big as our balloons are sure to be a hit!

    Gold, Rose Gold or Silver 40AF Balloons, a perfect addition to your Event!

    You'll receive 1 set of Balloons that spell 40 AF.

    Sizes Available: 14 Inches Tall or 40 Inches Tall

    Balloons ship FLAT and DEFLATED.

    14 Inch Balloons are Air Fill Only and do not float

    40 Inch Balloon will float when filled with helium. Will not float when filled with air.

    Tabs on the balloons make it simple to hang your balloons if preferred.

    Self Sealing

    String, Ribbon, Twine not included