Custom Personalized Wood Name Sign

    Custom wood name sign for your home, baby nursery or business.

    Custom is our love language, made deep in the heart of Texas! Our name signs are great for life’s special moments, occasions, and everyday celebrations.

    -Select your font & Preview your sign right here.
    -Select your sign Size. We start at 12 inches (1 ruler) and go up to 72 inches (5 ft)
    -Checkout and let us get to to work for you.
    -Signs are measured in length from left to right.
    -Signs are not measured by height.
    -If you'd like a color on your sign, please contact us for a price.

    Our products are crafted right here in our office and we work FAST.  Our natural unpainted wood signs will be ready to ship or pick up at our studio within two business days.

    We are located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, if you'd like to pick up your sign(s) instead of having it shipped please use the coupon code LOCAL to get a special discount.  

    1/2 Inch Thick Wood

    Yippee Daisy cares about both your and our long term health. As such, we don’t construct our items using common MDF plywood. MDF is known to release harmful toxins over time which can may be hazardous. Our wood signs are safe you won’t have to worry about long term effects.

    Please don't expect us to be responsible if you happen to enter the wrong're in a hurry, baby is crying, phone is ringing. It's easier than you think to mistype a date, a name spelling, etc. Please take a breath and spend an extra minute to double and triple check what you've entered. 😊